Our story

DOGMÄ is...

DOGMÄ is...

DOGMÄ is the result of a collaboration between master groomers, a leading authority in zoo-cosmetics and a zoo-herbalist. 

The outcome is exceptional quality care and wellness products, efficient and biologically adapted to the metabolic specifics of our furry companions.

Our mission and values

DOGMÄ aims to develop natural animal care and wellness products with complete transparency using raw materials from green chemistry.
Each product is designed in harmony with nature, without compromising on performance and effectiveness, in order to be the #1 choice for all professionals and pet owners who share our values of animal health and wellness.

We innovate tirelessly and offer ultra-fast service in order to meet the needs of our customers and make their daily work easier.

Andrée Boulay and Sylvain Julien

Andrée Boulay has been working as a groomer and has been self-employed since 1989. Her passion for grooming drives her, although she only devotes part of her time to it, as the majority is dedicated to Dogmä.

She completed all Zoocosmetology training (ZAP 1-2-3) in 2022, with the aim of meeting the specific dermatological needs of each breed through a deep understanding of their genetics, while improving Dogmä products.

She also pursues ongoing training in various areas related to business management, such as time management, to ensure the sustainability of her business.

In addition, she co-organized the Gala Artiste Canin from 2016 to 2019, an event specially dedicated to groomers, in collaboration with her groomer friend Linda Jomphe and their partners.

As for Sylvain Julien, he has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. After working as a heavy machinery operator for many years, he founded Aiguisage Prolame inc. in 2015. His company specializes in the sharpening, sale, and repair of blades and scissors used in grooming salons and veterinary clinics.

The story of Dogmä

Aiguisage Prolame started as a distributor for other grooming product brands. Andrée, with her grooming experience, often encountered problems with underperforming and unnatural products that irritated her hands, as well as animals after grooming. That's when they decided to create their own range of products.

Dogmä was founded in 2015, and they have owned it since 2016. Previously, the company was known as Apothipaws. They called on two renowned experts, Marie-Claude Desbiens from L'Art au Poil and Anne bastide from The Jardins Phlox, to adjust and create a complete, natural and efficient range of products intended for grooming professionals.

Recently, Dogmä has aquired its own laboratory with a qualified team in charge of research, development and innovation. This allows them to ensure better monitoring of the quality and stability of their products. In addition, they have their own production plant, which increases their production capacity to meet the growing demand from their customers.

Their absolute priority is to listen to their customers to provide them with the best performing products and fast service.

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