Solvents and Humectants

Solvents: Solvents are used to dissolve and mix other ingredients in formulations such as shampoos and sprays for pets. They help ensure uniform distribution of active ingredients, fragrances, and dyes.

Humectants: Humectants in pet products serve to attract and retain moisture in the skin and coats of animals. They help to keep the skin hydrated and supple, preventing dryness and improving the overall health and appearance of the pet's fur or feathers

At Dogmä, we use osmosis water. It is soft water purified by a reverse osmosis system, which removes mineral salts from the water, such as sulfates or chlorides.

Lavender hydrosol has healing, purifying, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties. It stimulates tissues and tightens pores. It is both a skin and coat ally.

On oily skin, witch hazel hydrosol purifies and deeply cleanses. Rich in vitamin P, witch hazel hydrosol promotes microcirculation and revitalizes blood capillaries.

The witch hazel hydrosol with 14% ethyl alcohol is even more astringent and drying.

Helps slow down the growth of microorganisms on the skin and inhibits microbial development. Helps control sebum production.

Glycerin is used for its strong moisturizing, occlusive (protects the skin from aggressions), emollient (smooths the skin and hair), and humectant (helps a product maintain its fluid aspect) properties.

Solubilizers/surfactants and gelling agent

Surfactants are key ingredients found in most shampoos. Their primary role is to cleanse the hair by removing oils, dirt, and other impurities.
The choice of surfactant type can influence not only the shampoo's effectiveness but also how it impacts the texture and health of the hair.

Gelling agent serves to stabilize the formula and give it a viscous consistency to help distribute the product more evenly on the hair.

It is a very gentle liquid surfactant for the skin and fur. Primarily used to enhance the viscosity, foaming and degreasing capabilities of liquid cleansers, it is derived from renewable raw materials such as coconut, corn sugar, and fruits. Moreover, it is 100% biodegradable!

Surfactant and mild, biodegradable cleansing agent. It acts as an effective cleanser, removing dirt, excess sebum, and impurities.

High-quality surfactant derived from coconut fatty acids. Helps modify viscosity and foam properties, and also serves as important conditioners.

A mixture of glycerin and oleic acid is simply the major component of olive oil. It acts as an emulsifier, enabling the mixing of water and oil, also known as emulsions.

Glyceryl oleate is also a good conditioner for hair, providing shine, flexibility, and softness. Additionally, it easily penetrates the outer layers of the skin, enhancing elasticity.

A water-soluble surfactant that allows the incorporation of vegetable butters or oils into our shampoo formulas without weighing down the hair and providing shine.

It's a texturizing agent. It plays the role of and emulsifyer and stabilizer. It stabilies, conserves or intensifies the color of the hair for which it is used.

This is a gentle surfactant and emulsifier derived from coconut oil, commonly used in personal care products for its mild cleansing properties and ability to create stable formulations.

It's a polysaccharide naturally produced by a bacterium, known for its strong thickening and suspending properties. Xanthan gum is used to achieve high viscosity solutions in various applications, including food products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


These emollients are used to improve product texture, moisturize and soften the skin, and provide a pleasant sensation during cosmetic application.

The cocoa butter is well known for its exceptional moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Shea butter nourishes the coat with vitamins A, E, and F. Vitamins A and E help maintain the fur, keeping it clear and healthy. It is both antibacterial and antifungal, making it an excellent candidate for combating dandruff. Shea butter is an effective therapeutic agent.

Hemp seed oil, derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, is used in our formulations to provide essential hydration and nourishment while helping to strengthen the skin barrier. Since it is derived from the stalks and seeds of the plant, hemp seed oil contains less than 0.3% THC, making it non-psychoactive.

Behentrimonium methosulfate is a cationic emulsifier and thickener. Not only does it create moderately thick emulsions, but it also serves as a conditioning agent designed for hair or skin. Behentrimonium methosulfate is manufactured by collecting rapeseed oil and extracting erucic acid.

This formula creates a light and gentle lipid derived from olive oil, which is a natural ester of revitalizing fatty acids for the skin containing nourishing phytochemicals to promote healthy skin. This olive lipid significantly enhances hydration and the hydrolipidic barrier function.

It is derived from coconut oil and glycerin, and is considered an excellent emollient and regenerating ingredient for the skin. Its blend of fatty acids helps replenish the skin's surface and aids in resisting moisture loss.

Cetyl alcohol is used as a co-emulsifier and consistency agent to stabilize emulsions and adjust their texture. It thickens creams, providing a smooth and nourishing feel. It also acts as an emollient, moisturizer, stabilizer, and foam booster.

This natural emollient is an ideal substitute for synthetic silicones. Coconut silicone also has a similar effect to silicone on hair, coating it without greasiness while adding shine.

It is a combination of a glycerin molecule bound to three fatty acids. Undecane is an emollient commonly used in conjunction with another emollient called tridecane. This combination forms a light and smooth formula base for skincare and coat care products.

Natural oils

Natural oils are lipid extracts derived from plants, seeds, or fruits, renowned for their beneficial properties for skin and hair.

Coconut oil has moisturizing, antioxidant, and emollient properties. Its tocopherol content helps protect the skin from oxidative stress caused by the environment. Coconut oil also shields the skin from fungi and bacteria.

Commonly known as neem oil, it is highly valued for its various therapeutic properties, including:
- Antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, making it effective against a wide range of pathogens affecting the skin and fur.
- Anti-inflammatory: helps reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin.
- Moisturizing: rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.
- Antioxidant: protects the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.

Rice bran oil is a rich and soothing oil that deeply moisturizes and helps strengthen and support healthy hair growth. Particularly beneficial for dry skin, it is also gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

A true natural antioxidant, lemongrass essential oil is another ally in the battle against free radicals, detoxifying the skin, and serving as a natural insect repellent.

Vegetable olive oil is rich in vitamin E and polyphenols. It is nourishing, revitalizing, and antioxidant, making it beneficial for both skin and fur.

The essential oil of basil, traditionally known for its antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, balancing, brightening, and cleansing properties, is included in the formulation.

Castor seed oil nourishes, softens, and smoothens the skin, stimulates hair growth, strengthens the hair, and slows down hair loss due to its rich fatty acid content. Its high concentration of ricinoleic acid helps soothe discomfort associated with irritation and itching.

Abyssinian seed oil is used as a moisturizing agent. It enhances hair manageability while providing additional shine. It deeply nourishes the coat, reconstructing damaged, dry, or frizzy hair, and provides intense shine.

Commonly known as neem oil, it is highly valued for its various therapeutic properties, including:
- Antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, making it effective against a wide range of pathogens affecting the skin and fur.
- Anti-inflammatory: helps reduce inflammation and soothes irritated skin.
- Moisturizing: rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.
- Antioxidant: protects the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.

Essentials Oils

Essential oils are often used for their aromatic, therapeutic, and beneficial properties for the skin and coat of animals.

Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, and potentially for its anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic effects.

*It is found in min quantities in Dogmäsk.

Cymbopogon winterianus herb oil, commonly known as citronella oil, is valued for its insect-repelling properties, antifungal benefits, refreshing aroma in aromatherapy, and mild antiseptic qualities for minor cuts and wounds.

products; Dog Bügs and Dogmäderme

Pelargonium graveolens oil, also known as geranium bourbon oil, is valued for its sweet floral fragrance and therapeutic properties, including skincare benefits such as hydration, regeneration, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Products: Dog Bügs and Dogmäderme

Lavandula angustifolia oil, commonly known as lavender oil, is valued for its soothing floral scent and numerous therapeutic benefits. It calms, disinfects, promotes healing, and reduces skin inflammation.


Lotion oreille

Citrus aurantifolia oil, commonly known as lime oil, is prized for its refreshing citrus scent and beneficial properties such as antimicrobial action and antioxidant protection for the skin.


Silk Shampoo
Vanilla & Lime Perfume

Melaleuca quinquenervia oil, extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca quinquenervia tree, also known as broad-leaved paperbark, is renowned for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties.


Pogostemon cablin oil, or patchouli oil, is valued for its distinctive earthy aroma and therapeutic properties. It serves as an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent agent, commonly used in skincare and perfumery for its soothing and fragrant qualities.


Commonly known as peppermint essential oil, it is added for its refreshing qualities and stimulating fragrance, helping to purify the skin and soothe itching. Its antibacterial properties help neutralize odors, benefiting both skin and hair.


Mentha Spicata Herb Oil refers to essential oil extracted from the Spearmint plant (Mentha spicata). It is known for its mild, sweet, and refreshing aroma, distinct from peppermint. This oil is commonly used in aromatherapy and personal care products for its calming and uplifting properties. It is also valued for its potential benefits in skincare, such as soothing irritation and promoting a sense of relaxation.


Green tea & Mint Perfume
DETOX Shampoo

Active Ingredients

In grooming care products, extracts refer to natural substances derived from plants, herbs, fruits, or other biological sources. These extracts are often used for their specific beneficial properties, such as hydration, nutrition, soothing, or revitalization of the skin and hair.

Colloidal silver is a suspension of silver particles in a liquid. It is used for its purported antimicrobial properties. Employed in skin care and supplements, it is claimed to treat infections and support the immune system.

Eye Lotion

**Moroccan lava clay**, or Rhassoul clay, is a natural mineral clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties, it absorbs impurities and excess oils, making it ideal for skin and hair care. It is rich in minerals like silica, magnesium, and calcium, which benefit skin health. Used for hair treatments, it helps to exfoliate, soothe, and improve overall skin and hair condition.

Aloe Barbadensis extract, derived from the Aloe Vera plant, is used in cosmetics and personal care products for its soothing, moisturizing, and regenerative properties. Rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, it provides benefits for both skin and hair health.

Eye lotion
PÜR Shampoo
PÜR Conditioner
PÜR DRY shampoo

**Bambusa Vulgaris Extract** is derived from the Bamboo plant (Bambusa vulgaris) and is used in skincare for its moisturizing, soothing, and antioxidant properties. It is rich in silica, which strengthens hair and nails, and has anti-inflammatory benefits, making it suitable for sensitive skin. This extract is valued in cosmetics for its natural benefits that support skin and hair health.

PUR Condiitoner
DOGMUE Shampoo
PUR Shampoo
Dry Shampoo
Degreaser shampoo Bar
raviva Shampoo bar

Calendula officinalis, also known as pot marigold, is valued for its healing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties for the skin. It's widely used in herbal medicine and skincare products to treat minor skin irritations, burns, sunburns, and other skin conditions.

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