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DETOX Shampoo Add to Cart
$ 18.95 - $ 41.25 Up to 825 POINTS

DETOX Shampoo

11 review
SILKY shampoo Add to Cart
$ 18.95 - $ 41.25 Up to 825 POINTS

SILKY shampoo

5 review
VELVET Shampoo Add to Cart
$ 18.95 - $ 41.25 Up to 825 POINTS

VELVET Shampoo

8 review
AVIVA shampoo Add to Cart
$ 18.95 - $ 41.25 Up to 825 POINTS

AVIVA shampoo

3 review
ODOR BUSTER Shampoo Add to Cart
$ 19.95 - $ 45.50 Up to 910 POINTS


1 review
DOGMÜE Shampoo Add to Cart
$ 18.95 - $ 41.95 Up to 839 POINTS

DOGMÜE Shampoo

12 review
Raviva Shampoo Bar Add to Cart
$ 21.95 439 POINTS

Raviva Shampoo Bar

Degreaser Shampoo Bar Add to Cart
$ 21.95 439 POINTS

Degreaser Shampoo Bar

1 review
DOGMÄGIK Add to Cart
$ 14.25 - $ 57.25 Up to 1145 POINTS


1 review


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I recommend it to everyone. Very good product!

Louis Deslauriers

Quality products, excellent service, and ultra-fast delivery!


I love your products! My dog has exceptionally beautiful fur and smells so good!


Excellent quality products and very effective! I use them for my anxious, aging dog and recommend them to my clientele!"

La vie en moof

I love your products so much... superb quality! They lather really well and are very effective! And they smell SO GOOD!


Wow, just Wow! I've completely switched over to your products for my business, and they are simply fantastic. They perform well, the results are exceptional. I use the detox before each finishing shampoo as mentioned in the comments below, and it works small miracles!

Le valeureux compagnon

Great service! Great products! Great owners!

Entre bonnes griffes

I love the stability of the products. Using the Detox before any other shampoo combination really works miracles. And the service is just Wow and Wow again!!


Incredible service, quality products!


Great products and great service! We include eye and ear cleaners in our starter pack when our puppies join their new family. So many good comments. We also use them for our lovely pets at home and wow! Thank you for these beautiful products!

Frenchies de l'Île

Very good products and fast, efficient service. Thank you!

poils de luxe

The products and the service are Wow!

Toilettage la Flair Allure

The products deliver magnificent results. The service is impeccable!

Centre hydromassage canin

So many beautiful results, perfect scents, not too strong and long-lasting! Gentle on hands and on dogs. A must-have for all salons! Thank you!

Cathy Roy - Toilettage Canin

I'm crazy about your products!!! My clients always tell me that the dog smells good and is soft. Congrats to the whole team!

La Doodlerie

WOW what a discovery! I only get positive comments! Results: an extremely soft and shiny coat.

Belle & Museau

Thank you Dogmä for listening to our requests, It is greatly appreciated! Incomparable service and products! Just some "ou're so pretty, you're so soft, you smell so nice" from my clients! What more can on ask for?!

Pattes de velours

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